Alexandria Virginia Narcotics laws

A narcotic charge is classified into various categories and being caught involved in narcotics can have various repercussions. Whether you are in possession of a small amount of marijuana or involved in narcotic racketeering, you can potentially face penalties, including jail term and fines. If you are convicted of a narcotics case, hiring a lawyer to defend your case is imperative. Hiring a good lawyer would help in reducing the sentence and protecting your rights.

Hiring a good attorney, in this case, is imperative, as an experienced lawyer can reduce your sentence and even help you getting early parole under the juvenile act. Being convicted as a criminal can be devastating for your family, relatives, and even for your self-esteem. It would have a grave mental impact and can also leave you prone to social isolation that can trigger mood swings and suicidal thoughts. Avoid these challenges by hiring an experienced and professional attorney to represent your case in the court. An experienced law firm would be well acquainted with such cases and would know the practices to minimize the sentence.

In Alexandria, Virginia, you can be convicted of a narcotics charge for the following:

  • Possession of illegal narcotics
  • Possession with intent to distribute illegal narcotics
  • Abuse of prescription narcotics
  • Committing criminal acts while under the influence of narcotics
  • Selling prescription or illegal narcotics
  • Forging a doctor’s signature in order to acquire narcotics

The State of Virginia has very strict laws for narcotics case with severe penalties. A person charged with a narcotics case would potentially see prison light along with hefty financial penalties that can go up to $500,000. Being charged with narcotics case does not necessarily mean you will face a jail term and a financial penalty. It depends on your case and your lawyer to reduce the sentence by presenting a strong case, which is why you need a professional lawyer when it comes to narcotics case in Virginia.

Narcotic charges can be devastating for an individual. The jail term and financial penalties involved with narcotics charges are hefty and usually not flexible. In Alexandria, Virginia, the State has well-defined laws and legal repercussions for people involved in a narcotics case. While the stature is designed to punish lawbreakers and criminals actively involved in narcotic racketing, it could be too harsh on first offenders and people who were involved in narcotic abuse only as an influence of their peer. Therefore, an experienced lawyer is imperative to represent your case in court.

You can even file for expungement if you were a first time offender; however, you would need to hire a lawyer to reduce the penalties levied by the court. If you hire an unqualified or underqualified attorney, your chances towards success will be slim, as an attorney without adequate experience will not be able to present your case in an appropriate manner. It is imperative that an embezzlement attorney presents the case with factual information and validated data. It is necessary to present information to ensure you can get expungement and remove the criminal record from your public record.