Fairfax Virginia Divorce Lawyers

Most people in search for a family law or divorce lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia need more help than we expect. Since the matter of divorce is a serious issue to deal with, there a lot of questions one asks before taking legal actions in court. Whether it is issues related to minors, spousal support or even uncontested divorce matter, it is undoubtedly going to be technical enough for you to hire a divorce lawyer.

Regardless of the fact if you are involved in an active case or just start to wonder about these questions in your mind, you are most likely to run endless scenarios in your head answering as to how your life will be after the legal decisions of your case.

These questions do not end, and the issue remains of how the children are going to be affected by the divorce. To some extent, the problems start not with the divorce but when the court is determining custody and visitation rights of parents with their minor children. These are the kind of family laws that are going to profoundly affect the relationship between the parents and their child.


Family and divorce lawyers in Fairfax, Virginia can cover a wide array of issues that include property settlement, child custody, divorce, child support, child visitation, spousal support, pre and post-nuptial agreements and even a request for separate maintenance.

Divorce matters are often most than likely taken care of in the Circuit Court. However, family law cases that include child custody, support, visitation and spousal support can be handled in either the domestic and juvenile Relations Court or the Circuit Court.

Understanding other factors in play, it is human to know information before agreeing to separation from your spouse. The attorneys in Fairfax, Virginia will be able to provide you with consultation for subjects regarding child visitation, custody and support orders. Modification of said orders can too be done with the help of these attorneys.

An important decision to make: Fault or No-Fault Divorce

In Fairfax Virginia, a divorce can be granted on the grounds of whether it is a Fault or No-Fault divorce.

The term Fault means that the divorce is being settled due to only one spouse’s wrongdoings. The wrongdoings in play could be desertion, cruelty, adultery or conviction for a felony with imprisonment for more than a year.

No-Fault, on the other hand, means that neither party is to be blamed for the divorce. As far as the legal process goes, the divorce is a mutual agreement. Adultery can be the cause of an immediate final decree of divorce, whereas no-fault may require a six-month separation period before the negotiation is finalized.

In Fairfax Virginia, divorce lawyers will help you determine whether or not to affirm marital fault against your spouse since it will have an impact on your divorce process.

Choose your decisions wisely because matters involving divorce lawyers are not only going to affect you but the minors as well.