Hanover va speeding ticket

As per the traffic laws designed by the Government of Virginia, over speeding is considered to be a traffic violation, on which penalty in the form of a speeding ticket is issued to the driver. Over speeding refers to an act observed while driving, where driver tends to force engine of the vehicle to go beyond a specified limit. Over speeding is prohibited by the government in order to avoid dread consequences, however consequences depend upon the type and model of the vehicle used in over speeding act. The most commonly witnessed consequences of over speeding are:

  • Severe Accidents;
  • Property Damage;
  • Traffic Congestion;
  • Engine Heat up; and
  • Breaks Fail etc.

Traffic laws are abide by whole Virginia are more or less similar, Hanover being a major part of this state follows same rules related to the traffic violations. Severe penalties are imposed on the outlaws. Same is the case with over speeding, penalty in the form of a speeding ticket is imposed on the culprit. As per the Virginian law any person found guilty of driving at a speed more than 15 mile per hour is subjected to the laws of over speeding, where a traffic ticket of $6/ mile is charged. For instance for a person who has been driving with a speed of more than 15 mph for two consecutive miles is subjected to a traffic ticket of $12. Inclusive of these charges court costs are also charged to the accused, ultimately making the total fine of worth $141 for each mile covered under the violation of over speeding. However, the speeding ticket cost increases with an increase in insurance. Once found guilty of speeding, Virginia drivers’ protection costs typically incremented by a normal of $64.95 every year for a long time. The genuine cost of a speeding ticket in Virginia is 2.38 times the cost of the real ticket — drivers pay a normal of $335.84 altogether for a $141 speeding ticket. Penalties imposed by the court usually depend upon the complexities of the case, however the charge can be challenged by the accused in the court. He or she can proclaim in the court that although he or she was driving with a speed beyond the described limits, no one was at harm then.

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