Is Virginia an alimony State?

When a father or mother who does not habitually live with his son does not pay the maintenance pension, he can suffer the consequences of various kinds. This obligation affects all parents who do not habitually live with their children. It is the amount of money that a father or mother who does not live with their children must pay to the parent who does live with them for maintenance. In the state of Virginia following things are being considered:

How the amount to be paid is calculated as a child support

The amount that must be paid depends on various circumstances, such as the minor’s needs, the cost of health insurance, the income of each of the parents, the existence of more siblings or other family obligations, the time the child spends with each one of parents, etc.

How a father or mother is forced to pay for child support

In principle, there should be a voluntary agreement between both parents. Currently, only 10 percent of all child support agreements that are made that way. If there is no voluntary agreement then the father or mother who lives with the children can:

Hire a lawyer privately to solve the case

appear in court and directly sue

Go to the state attorney’s office at the Child Support agency and ask for help. In cases where the parent living with the child receives social benefits, free legal aid can be received for this type of case.

You can thus try to guarantee the payment of future monthly payments and also the collection of the amount that is pending payment.

What are the main consequences of not paying the maintenance of food

Following are the consequences of not paying the maintenance of food:

The amount will be seized and delivered monthly to the father or mother who lives with the child.

Apprehending of a part of what it charges for unemployment.

Closure of bank accounts.

Seizing of the refund amount obtained from the federal or state government after filling out the tax returns.

The penalty of prison. It has to be declared by a court and occurs in situations of dishonor of court, or it is a person who has breached more than once. Prison penalties of more than six months are very rare.

Expulsion of the Army, in the case of the military.

Notification to a credit bureau, which can negatively affect credit.

Suspension of the driver’s license.

Cancellation of the US passport.

Also, the father or mother who fails to comply with their obligation to pay child support moves out of state with the intention that it is more difficult to enforce it may be sentenced of a federal crime, in an application of the law known as Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act. This law provides for prison sentences for parents who move to another state and stop paying for more than one year and owe more than $ 5,000 or have not paid for more than two years, and the amount exceeds $ 10,000. If it is the first offense, the penalty of imprisonment can be agreed up to a maximum of six months. For those who are their second offense, the prison sentence can reach two years. Also, you still must pay your arrears.