Personal Injury Lawyer in Prince William Virginia

If a dog has bitten you, then you may be eligible for compensation from the dog owner for the injuries as well as damages suffered due to the incident. Besides seeking instant medical attention, you must consult a personal injury lawyer in Prince William Virginia.

How should you act if the dog wants to bite you?

First, you must act calmly and serenely, if the dog has the intention to bite. We should not shout or alter it excessively as it will only scare the animal more and exalt it.

The fundamental thing in any situation will be to move away from the stimulus that has altered the dog. And, if there is no way out, then you should try to distract the dog’s attention, either by throwing some other object to the ground or leave food and scatter it on the ground if you have available. Certainly, they are the most effective steps you can take advantage from during such a daunting situation, suggests a personal injury lawyer in Prince William Virginia.

What should you do when a dog has bitten you?

If inevitably, despite performing the steps above, you have suffered a dog bite, then you must follow the three essential steps as given below:

  1. Firstly, you must wash the wound very thoroughly with soap and water, whether it is a superficial or shallow wound. You must remove the remains of dirt that may have remained in the injury. On the other hand, if the wound is too large or bulky, you should wash it with water, and carefully cover it with a sterile gauze simply to avoid spilling blood.
  2. Secondly, you must ensure that you receive medical attention. Dogs have a large amount of bacteria in their mouth and could pose an infection. That is why doctors most often prescribe the victims of dog bites with treatment based on antibiotics, says a personal injury lawyer in Prince William Virginia.
  3. Finally, the doctor must give you the anti-rabies vaccine, especially if it is a stray dog and you do not know its state of health.

After the Bite: The Consequences

The consequences of a dog’s bite can be varying and will relatively depend on the situation as well as obviously on oneself. In case you have been bitten by a dog in the street or public road, then you have the right to lodge a complaint to receive compensation for it. It is advisable to consult an expert personal injury lawyer in Prince William Virginia who have extensive expertise in Dog Bites cases. You must be responsible and sincere since if the dog in question transited the street properly with a leash and muzzle and you have decided to approach, then you cannot demand anything.

If the dog that bit you is stray and does not belong to anyone, then you should call the services responsible for the subject in your city, such as city guard, national police, or shelter service. Being a responsible citizen, you must not allow it to happen again because it puts other people or the animal’s life at risk, recommends a personal injury lawyer in Prince William Virginia.