What Should You Know about Personal Injury Trial Lawyers in Virginia

It is fairly commonplace for any of us to undergo any mishap. It should distract us from the fact that pain and confusion result whenever our loved ones get hurt. This makes it inoperative for all of us to know our rights before any accident results so that we don’t have any problem protecting our legal rights following an injury.

What is Personal Injury?

It refers to the legal disputes that arise due to someone suffering from harm from an accident or injury where there is a possibility that someone else might be responsible for that harm. A formal hearing of the personal injury case occurs through the civil court proceedings which are supposed to find others legally responsible for the fault through a court judgment. But more common route taken by people is out of court settlement before any lawsuit is filed.

What is Formal Lawsuit?

As opposed to the criminal cases, in which the initial report is filed by the government, the case of personal injury is initiated when the “plaintiff” (the private individual) files a civil complaint against the offender, who can be a person, business corporation or any government agency (the defendant). The plaintiff alleges that the accused person acted carelessly or irresponsibly in relation to the accident or injury that became the cause of the harm. This is known as filing a law-suit.

What is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

It refers to a person who provides legal services to people who claim to have been a victim of physical or psychological injury, caused by the negligence of the other person, organization or government institution. The primary area where an injury lawyer tends to practice is known as the tort law. Some examples of personal injuries include slip and fall accidents, collisions among traffic vehicles, workplace injuries, defective products as well as professional malpractice.

Statute of Limitations

The limited time in which the plaintiff has to file a lawsuit is referred to as statue of limitation. The period of time, generally speaking, determined by a statute of limitations is thought to begin when the plaintiff is injured or when the injury gets discovered.

These limitations are established by the state law and often differ based upon the injury type.

Qualification of an Injury Lawyer in the U.S.

There are certifications offered by some bar associations and attorneys organizations in the field of personal injury. However, certification not particularly required for the practice of personal injury law, but this is often needed for the lawyer to demonstrate knowledge in the field of potential clients.


It is common for lawyers to concentrate their practice on specific areas of law, which includes personal injury. There is further specialization in the field of personal injury such as medical malpractice. When the lawyers limit their specialty, they can enhance their specific knowledge and experience in the particular field.

Lawyer’s Compensation

There are multiple ways in which a lawyer can charge his fees, including, contingency fees, flat or hourly rates.

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